Workshop Story Book Making

Art Classes at Ghodbunder Road

Age group: 10 to 40 years

On: 21 & 22 Nov15

Criteria: Open for All (Art Lover)

Category: Visual communication Skill and Fun with Drawing

Tags: Summer Camp, Art workshop, Art Adventure, Creativity workshop, Drawing Classes at Ghodbunder Road THANE

For Further Details Contact (THANE)+91 9967 36 1225 AND(PUNE)+91 9867 81 7078

The Banana Creatives Art Camps and Workshop (founded in 2014) is dedicated to helping art lovers and students develop and nurture their creativity. The Workshop has developed a unique series of simple and effective exercises aimed at helping art lovers and students stay creative professionally and personally. Many art lovers and students come to The Creativity Workshop as part of their professional development. The experience combines learning, travel, and association with peers.

Topics Covered

• Develope creativity and innovation skills

• Get over creative blocks, such as combat fears that stifle self expression

• Expand critical and divergent thinking and the fostering of new ideas.

• Engage and focus each person's innate curiosity and imagination to foster a life long love of learning

Who should attend?: Open for All age group (Art Lover and Art Professionals)

What you need to bring: Pencil 2B, Eraser, Colours (Any), Drawing Board for support, Water Bottle, Cloth Rag and Water container

Dates and Timing: 21 & 22 Nov15 - 8.30 to 11.30

Last date for registration:ASAP...Limited Seats

Fees: Rs 200/- only (inclusive of all material)

Venue: TMC Garden, Kasarvadavli, Behind Hyperciy Mall, Off Ghodbunder Road, THANE W 400615 ...

For Further Details Contact (PUNE)+91 9867 81 7078 - (THANE)+91 9967 36 1225

How to Register

To confirm your registration, kindly make the payment either by DD or Cash, along with the registration form (click here to download registration form).

• pay by DD:
DD to be drawn in favour of “BANANA CREATIVES”

• pay by CASH:
At B-601, Ratntej Towers, Near TMC Garden, Kasarvadavli Thane W 400061500


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Bank Name and Branch: ICICI Bank, BORIVALI (West), Mumbai

Current Ac No: 001805004770

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How We Think

We teach from the point of view that people are by nature creative and that creativity, like DNA, is unique to each individual. We believe that in the right atmosphere and with the right tools anyone can tap into the creative stream that runs through us all. To help you access and develop your creativity, we have developed a progression of exercises and techniques that explore sense perceptions, free-form drawing, associative thinking, mind map making, constructive daydreaming, memory, collage, and painting.

The Banana Creatives Art Camps and Creativity Workshop offers tools and techniques that art lovers and students can implement to help themselves develop creative, collaborative, artistic, and imagination skills, as well as 'out-of-the-box' thinking, self confidence, and leadership. The Workshop concentrates its experiential exercises in the following areas:

1. Getting Over Fear of Creativity, self expression & self-confidence Our techniques help students get over 'blocks' which make them afraid to express themselves.

2. Mind Map making Every creative and analytical project has a process or 'way'. The Creativity Workshop teaches art lovers and students how to make journey maps or scrolls for their own research to explore the process, progress and possibilities of their work.

3. Free Form Imagination And Automatic Drawing Art lovers and students learn how to use 'Imagination from the right side of the brain' techniques with their students in order to help them find their innate ideas and develop them.

4. Story Visualising and Drawing Storytelling, be it visual or literary, is vital to how we perceive and share our perceptions of the world. We do several exercises with telling and performing stories with found objects and also by interviewing each other and then 'becoming' the other person. These exercises also teach observation and empathy, qualities which greatly enhance our abilities to express ourselves and communicate with others.

5. Changing Perceptions How we see is important to what we see. We teach a variety of techniques aimed at altering perceptions physically (through cameras, cut out shapes, kaleidoscopes) and emotionally (through mythology, memoir drawing or inter-generational interviews), which assist individuals in broadening their sense of the world they live in.

6. Using Your Environment We teach participants how to use their natural surroundings to generate ideas. Exercises to be done in local cafes, libraries, cafeterias, woods and mountains show that inspiration can come from the most usual and surprising of places.

7. Time In our busy, multi-tasking world we seldom feel we have enough time to create. We teach participants how to "stretch time" and use 15-minute blocks to do satisfying creative work on an ongoing basis.

8. Self-Nurturing We spend so much of their time encouraging and supporting our daily routine work. At times, we forget to nurture ourselves! The Creativity Workshop teaches the importance of self-nurturing and curiosity and not always knowing the "right" answer.